HeadRoom Brings Shared-Office Space in the Suburbs to Media


In response to the fact that an entrepreneur’s life can get lonely, particularly in the suburbs, where the opportunity to bounce ideas off someone or network isn’t as simple as stepping outside like it is in the city, Dan Lievens and John Tooher have created HeadRoom LLC to bring the urban virtual office beyond city limits.

With a site in Media that opened in September 2014, HeadRoom’s business model is based on a recognition that suburban clients are likely to skew older and have more-mature businesses and needs, writes Diane Mastrull of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

That also might mean they have more funds to work with than the tenants of co-working spaces in the city, many of whom are in their 20s with college debt and a distaste for corporate environments.

So in addition to its communal kitchen, open work stations, and private meeting areas, HeadRoom offers two-day, fee-based strategic-planning services for $2,000 to $2,500 and a mentoring program for $4,000 a year at each of its locations.

Access costs $350 a month, which buys you 50 hours of use, a receptionist/phone-answering service, Friday happy hour, and a one-hour consultation with business veterans Lievens and Tooher.

“Nobody is really doing what we do in the suburbs,” said Tooher, 54, a former president and general manager of YellAdworks Inc., a global advertising business based in King of Prussia.

“HeadRoom is focused on providing a resource-rich incubation environment for start-ups and established businesses and helping them develop a plan for growth and diversification,” Tooher told the Inquirer. “Space is just one of a three-column support structure.”

Click here to read more Head Room coverage in the Inquirer.


Top image courtesy of Technically Philly.

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