Broomall-Based Swiss Farms Gets New CEO and Dietician


Broomall-based Swiss Farms, which has 13 convenience stores in Delaware and Chester Counties, now has a new CEO, to go along with the registered dietician who came on board in January.

CEO Scott Simon and dietician Audrey Hasse recently spoke with Kenneth Hilario of the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The following is a brief transcript of the interview.

PBJ: When was Audrey brought in?

Scott Simon: As the leadership at Swiss Farms zeroed in on a new direction and focus for the company, we realized we could fill a niche by becoming more of a convenient destination to purchase healthier grocery products that consumers want to bring home or to the office.

The greatest challenge to eating healthy is finding a way to do it while on-the-go. One Swiss Farms’ solution was to hire Audrey Hasse to help us help our customers make these choices easier.

Audrey has only been with the Swiss Farms team for three months but she has added tremendous value and we think we’re off to a great start.

PBJ: How common is it for a company to have a registered dietician on staff?

Audrey Hasse: Now, more than ever, customers are aware of ingredients transparency in the food they buy and seek out stores that enable them with a variety of healthful, but also fun and comforting, choices.

Across the country, it is becoming more common for supermarkets to have an on-staff dietitian to not only help with product selection but also as part of community outreach. Our drive-through market concept is a little different because of the on-the-go element, which is what makes my job so much fun.

People want to eat healthy but sometimes need some practical, fast and easy solutions to take enough small steps to add up to big change.

Click here to read more of the interview with Swiss Farms CEO Scott Simon and dietician Audrey Hasse.

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