Neighbors Oppose Plans to Expand Havertown Recovery Home


The living room of one of the Savage Sisters Recovery homes in Philadelphia.
Image via Savage Sisters Recovery.
Savage Sister Recovery, which runs nine addiction recovery homes in Philadelphia, is looking to expand one of their homes in Havertown.

Savage Sisters Recovery is hoping to expand an addiction recovery home at 17 Tenby Road in Havertown, writes Jesse Bunch and Aubrey Whelan for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

That idea isn’t sitting too well with some of the neighbors living in the quiet Havertown neighborhood.

The nonprofit approached Haverford Township’s Zoning Hearing Board this spring with its proposal to expand.

Opposed residents worried on social media the home would be a revolving door for former drug users, possibly endanger children, and lead to discarded needles and stolen delivery packages.

The Savage Sisters, founders of the nonprofit, say the fears are unwarranted because the people in the home are no longer using drugs.

They currently run nine addiction recovery homes in Philadelphia and would like to offer more for Delaware County residents.

Havertown resident Larry Arata, director of the Opioid Crisis Action Network, said his son, Brendan, who died of an overdose in 2017, would be alive today if he had gotten into a high-quality recovery home closer to his family.

“My son lived every day of his life in Havertown, and Havertown’s lost a lot of people to overdoses,” Arata said.

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