Four ‘Game Changer’ Sponsors on Board for Delco Gives Day


A banner for the Delco Gives community giving initiative in Delaware County.
Image via The Foundation for Delaware County.
A banner for the Delco Gives community giving initiative. Delco Gives Day takes place May 8-9, 2024.

The Foundation for Delaware County announces four Delco Gives Day sponsors are on board for the May 8-9, 2024 event.

These game-changer sponsors are Aqua, Brinker Simpson, Independence Blue Cross, and Visit Delco.

Delaware County is celebrating its first-ever Delco Gives Day, hosted by The Foundation for Delaware County, on May 8-9.

“We are thrilled that Aqua, Brinker Simpson, Independence Blue Cross, and Visit Delco have stepped up at such a considerable sponsorship level,” said Foundation President Frances M. Sheehan. “Giving Days are very successful around the country, spurred by a collective effort from local residents.

“For example, since it launched in 2012, Lancaster Gives has realized more than $92 million for hundreds of nonprofits. We think the local Delco community will embrace this idea just as enthusiastically,” Sheehan said.

Local Businesses Sign On for Delco Gives

Additional businesses have also signed on for Delco Gives Day. Sponsors include Boeing, Comcast, Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union, Haverford Trust, TD Bank, Wawa, and more.

Businesses, large and small, through their sponsorship, help to add to the bonus pool and cash prizes that are awarded to nonprofits on May 9.

Learn more about sponsorship opportunities here.

What is Delco Gives Day?

Delco Gives Day promises to be a county-wide celebration of generosity, unity, and shared purpose. The 24-hour giving period will kick off at 7 PM on May 8 and wrap up at 7 PM on May 9. It’s a unique opportunity for Delaware County residents to support the nonprofits that tirelessly serve our community and make a difference in the lives of our neighbors.

Donors can visit from a computer, smartphone, device, or in-person drop-off site. There, they can learn about local nonprofit organizations serving Delaware County.

On May 8, the website opens for donations. Every donation qualifies for bonus funding provided by the Foundation, and Delco Gives sponsors, maximizing the impact of each contribution.

Sheehan added, “Delco Gives Day offers a great platform for people to support organizations that they already care about, as well as discover a few new favorites that are doing great work. Nonprofits will have pages that tell their stories, and all transactions will be secure and private.”

How can Nonprofits Get Involved?

Since registration opened on January 3, more than 170 nonprofit organizations have signed up to participate.

Participating organizations range from those focused on education and healthcare to others that are championing the arts and social services, the environment, seniors, and more. Profiles of the nonprofits will be available on the website.

To get involved in Delco Gives, visit to register your organization or stay updated on event details. The registration window is open until April 17. Nonprofits are strongly encouraged to complete it as soon as possible.

The Foundation for Delaware County is grateful for the incredible support of the community and looks forward to celebrating the generous spirit of the community on May 8-9, 2024.

Learn more about Delco Gives Day and how you can get involved.

About The Foundation for Delaware County

The Foundation for Delaware County is the largest philanthropy in Delaware County. One of 900 community foundations across the U.S., the Foundation offers support and resources for nonprofits of every size, helps generous people give with more impact, brings together funders, nonprofits, and elected officials to address critical community problems, and responds to major challenges and crises as they arise.

In addition to grant funding, the Foundation operates the Center for Nonprofit Excellence to strengthen Delaware County’s nonprofit community through training workshops and peer learning opportunities.

The Foundation encourages philanthropy by connecting donors to worthy causes through efficient charitable giving vehicles like donor-advised and scholarship funds. On May 8-9, 2024, the Foundation will launch Delaware County’s first 24-hour online giving day, Delco Gives Day.

In addition, the Foundation operates the prestigious public health programs Healthy Start, the WIC nutrition program, and the Nurse-Family Partnership.

In addition to the Housing Opportunities Program for Equity (HOPE), other programs include El Centro (a Hispanic resource center) and a health resource center for students in the Chester Upland School District.

Visit the Foundation and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @DelcoFdn.

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