State Rep. had Post Partum Depression. Now She’s Looking to Help Other Moms

State Rep. Jen O’ Mara with her daughter Katherine.
Image via Jen O'Mara
State Rep. Jen O’ Mara with her daughter Katherine.

Delaware County State Rep. Jen O’Mara has had her own experiences with postpartum depression. She is now working to pass legislation to increase awareness of this condition among new mothers and their families.

Rep. O’Hara had a difficult road to motherhood, she writes in the Keystone Newsroom.

The birth of her daughter Katherine was complicated by medical emergencies experienced by the newborn and by Rep. O’Mara.

Six weeks later, Rep. O’Mara returned to work as a state representative during an election year.

Meanwhile, her mood had changed. She became anxious and angry.

After a family intervention, she was treated for postpartum depression, anxiety, and lingering trauma.

“I am not the only mother who went back to work before their body had time to heal, and I am certainly not the only mother with PPD,” she wrote.

In fact, about 1 in 10 women experience PPD, which is often undiagnosed.

Rep. O’Mara is now co-sponsoring legislation to increase PPD awareness and supporting legislation to expand paid leave in Pennsylvania.

“Studies show that a mother is less likely to experience PPD if she takes at least 12 weeks of maternity leave …” she wrote.

Read more about Rep. O’Mara’s efforts to combat PPD in new mothers at the Keystone Newsroom.

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