Malvern Bank Supports Mission of Equestrian Nonprofit Gateway HorseWorks

Image via Malvern Bank.

“When Malvern Bank supports an industry, we don’t do so halfway,” said Anthony C. Weagley, President and CEO of Malvern Bank, National Association. 

Malvern Bank launched its Equestrian Business in 2017, providing financial services including private banking and investment management to horse owners, horse farms, and other equestrian-related clientele. The business is tailored to the needs of the equine industry – whether it is for a pleasure horse, a horse competing in an international competition, or other equestrian needs. 

The bank also supports equine-related charitable efforts; for example, organizations that incorporate horses into the mental health treatment of people in marginalized and vulnerable communities. 

This year, Malvern Bank is sponsoring the year-long activities of Gateway HorseWorks, an organization that incorporates horses into transformational mental health treatment services for children, adults, and families. 

According to Gateway HorseWorks’ Executive Director, Kristen de Marco, “Working with horses helps people overcome a multitude of challenges such as depression, anxiety, sexual abuse, drug or alcohol abuse, societal reentry from prison, Veterans returning from combat. Gateway HorseWorks’ goal is to help clients move forward with their lives positively and confidently. For many, Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy is a last resort in a long list of attempts at wellness, stability, and mental health.” 

“Horses are unique animals,” said de Marco. “They are hyper-vigilant to their environments, including human behavior. Intuitively, they are able to read the emotions and moods of humans and respond to humans in ways that can help them overcome their negative emotions and moods. Working in tandem with a licensed mental health practitioner and an equine specialist, the experience with the horses becomes metaphorical and symbolic and can provide clients with a unique perspective which creates new insight and awareness in their lives and relationships.” 

“Malvern Bank’s sponsorship of Gateway HorseWorks’ 2023 events reflects not only our special interest and expertise in the equine industry,” said Weagley, “but also the bank’s commitment to supporting not-for-profit community groups and other charitable causes that contribute to the quality of life in our local community.” 

The Gateway HorseWorks events Malvern Bank’s sponsorship helps support are: 

  • Double-Feature Fundraiser with People’s Light & Theatre (June 27) – “Healing in the Open,” a documentary short film about the work of Gateway HorseWorks, will have a special public screening in the region at People’s Light in Malvern. The film has been officially selected for screenings by five national or international film festivals and will be available in June on YouTube. The screening of the documentary at People’s Light will be followed by a panel discussion with individuals featured in the film. Following the discussion will be a live performance of “Lettie,” a powerful and inspiring play about a woman’s release from prison and her desperate effort to regain custody of her teenage children. 
  • Boots & BBQ (Sept. 17) – A casual, country western-inspired evening in support of the wellbeing and care of Gateway HorseWorks’ horses. The organization’s herd is composed primarily of rescue horses, which have become central to the mental health services provided to the organization’s clients. 
  • Winter Wonder-Farm (Dec. 3) – Gateway HorseWorks welcomes the community to the farm for a free, family-friendly holiday event including holiday music, pictures with ponies, craft vendors, hot cocoa, and cookies. 

For more information and updates on these events, please visit Gateway HorseWorks website or call Kristen de Marco at 484.433.9911. 

Learn more at Malvern Bank.

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