Environmental Review Needed for Marple PECO Station, Judge Rules

A 2022 architect's rendering of a "gas reliability station" in Marple
Image via PECO Energy Co.
A 2022 architect's rendering of a "gas reliability station" in Marple

A planned PECO “gas reliability station” at Sproul and Cedar Grove roads in Broomall that sparked resident protest cannot proceed until the Public Utility Commission conducts an environmental review, a Commonwealth judge has ruled.

In March 2022, the Pennsylvania PUC approved the controversial project.

Judge Ellen Ceisler has now overturned that approval, stating the PUC needs to “incorporate the results of a constitutionally sound environmental impact review,” writes Frank Kummer for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The guaranteed right of citizens to have clean air and pure water is part of the Pennsylvania constitution under the Environmental Rights Amendment.

The natural gas facility was planned in a residential and commercial area of Marple Township, next to a fast-food restaurant and across the street from homes.

Marple Township appealed the PUC approval, arguing the commission failed to consider potential negative environmental impacts.

Judge Ceisler wrote that the PUC “erred when it flatly deemed environmental concerns” to be outside of its purview.

The station would serve as a distribution hub for PECO to deliver more natural gas to Delaware County. The facility would reduce gas pressure on a new pipeline before it goes into neighborhoods. 

Read more about the court decision regarding the PECO gas reliability station in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Fox 29 reported on the resident protests last year over the proposed PECO station in Marple.

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