Abstract Encounters Exhibition Coming to Neumann University

Artist Sandra Benhaim next to one of her paintings
Image via Neumann University.
Artist Sandra Benhaim next to one of her paintings

Neumann University will host Abstract Encounters, an exhibition of artwork by Sandra Benhaim, in the McNichol Gallery from April 4 through May 11.

Benhaim, a native Philadelphian, is a painter who works in oil, mixed media, and collages on canvas, wood panels, and paper.

She earned a BFA on a full four-year scholarship, and later an MEd, from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art. 

After working representationally for years, she now creates mainly abstract images, often expressing these in unabashed, exuberant color. She has exhibited nationally from Washington state to New York to Florida and has had 11 solo exhibitions.

The Neumann exhibition contains 18 of her original works.

“I’m a visual artist who is fascinated with color, inviting viewers to places they haven’t been,” she explains. “I work frequently in oil and oil paint stick on canvas and wood panels, and I often incorporate collage elements in my artwork.

“My abstract paintings, collages, and works on paper frequently take inspiration from landscape and the surroundings. These images express in exciting and spirited color my enthusiasm for, and translation of, the natural world.”

According to Glenn Holmstrom, professor of art and director of the McNichol Gallery, “Oxford Languages defines reverie as a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts, a daydream. If you allow it, and I hope you will, Sandra’s work will transfer you into her abstract world of color and shape.”

Benhaim emphasizes the critical nature of color in her art. “I oftentimes employ luscious, vibrant, and intense hues. Frequently, as I’m working with color, unusual spatial relationships, and somewhat unconventional compositions manifest themselves.”

She describes her work as the result of an intuitive process, built layer upon layer with varied colors, expressive strokes of paint, and textured materials. Many of the postcard-size collages on exhibit at Neumann University were created during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The artist reception for Abstract Encounters is scheduled for Saturday, April 15, from 2-4 PM in McNichol Gallery.

The gallery is in the Bruder Life Center on Neumann’s campus in Aston. Gallery hours are 10 AM to 4 PM on weekdays and by appointment by calling 610-558-5626.  

To see the full arts schedule at Neumann University, visit www.neumann.edu/arts.

Artist Sandra Benhaim talks about one of her pieces.

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