So How Generous Are We These Days in Delaware County?

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Last May, about eight months ago, Delaware County ranked as the third most generous place in Pennsylvania, just behind Montgomery and Chester Counties, according to SmartAsset.

So how are we doing now? According to an updated SmartAsset report, despite inflation and an unpredictable economy, we are holding steady when it comes to generous giving.

Last May, Delaware County had a charitable index of 37.28, just behind Montgomery County, which came in second at 43.2. Chester County was first, at 44.65.

In January 2023, SmartAsset kept Delaware County at third, with a charitable county index of 38.62. Montgomery County leaped into first place with an index of 50.72, with Chester County placing second at 46.76.

Bucks County placed fourth, with an index of 37.64.

The study looks at how much money people donate as a percentage of their net income. It also examines the proportion of people in each county who make charitable donations.

Delaware County residents gave 1.29 percent of their income as charitable contributions. The percentage of tax returns itemizing charitable contributions was 10.4 percent.

Montgomery County residents had 2.2 percent of their income as charitable contributions and 11.98 percent of tax returns itemized charitable contributions.

You can see the entire study, including information on the study’s methodology, at SmartAsset.

This TedX Talk looks at the idea of leading a life of excessive generosity.

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