Outdoor Recreation Now Comes With Solar Charging Stations


Two men charging their smartphones at an outdoor solar charging station
Image via General Recreation

Now you can enjoy the outdoors and not worry about a dead smartphone or tablet battery, thanks to solar charging stations.

With solar charging stations at outdoor benches and poles, people can stay connected through an environmentally friendly, self-contained power system.

General Recreation in Newtown Square offers a variety of Sun Charge Systems’ clean-energy products.

As technology advances, many people find themselves dependent on a myriad of electronic communication devices for both work and social purposes.

Lives constantly on the go make it hard to keep mobile devices charged up. Rarely can smartphones or tablets make it through a day of constant use without needing to be recharged.

Finding access to an electrical outlet available for public use can be difficult, especially outside or in areas where there are no power lines.

Although portable solar charging panels are commercially available, they are not widely available to the general public.

Many parks and recreation areas do not have charging facilities, so visitors will often choose to leave the park or shorten their intended stay in order to find some way to charge their phone or tablet. Implementing a solar charging station can be a great solution.

General Recreation can provide solar-powered charging stations in areas where electrical access does not meet the demands of modern, mobile life.

Sun Charge Systems’ charging stations convert free solar energy to electricity in areas where electrical outlets are unavailable.

Placing these benches and poles in city parks, playgrounds, campgrounds, public beaches, outside businesses or restaurants, university campuses, little league parks, outside sports stadiums, or in any other outdoor public area will provide a convenient means of charging cell phones, tablets, and laptops, without having to be tethered to the wall outlet indoors.

In just minutes anyone can plug in, charge up, and stay connected.

Find out more about outdoor solar energy chargers and about General Recreation.  

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