Delco State Senator Amanda Cappelletti 1st to Give Birth in Office

Pennsylvania State Sen. Amanda Cappelletti speaks with constituents in January 2021
Image via James Robinson, Pennsylvania Senate Democratic Caucus.
Pennsylvania State Sen. Amanda Cappelletti speaks with constituents in January 2021

State Sen. Amanda Cappelletti, representing the 17th District covering Haverford and Radnor Townships, is breaking new ground in the Senate.

Cappelletti will be the first Pennsylvania Senator to give birth while in office, writes Grace Panetta for Lebtown.

Cappelletti described herself as “incredibly lucky” to have the support of her constituents, staff, and Senate colleagues, who threw here a bipartisan baby shower.

Her daughter is due in mid-March and there’s no procedure for a birth in office.

“So it’s just a constant raising your hand saying ‘Hey, what happens when a senator needs to go on maternity leave when they have a baby?’” Cappelletti said.

Mothers of children under 18 comprise only 5 percent of all state lawmakers, according to Liuba Grechen Shirley, president, and CEO of the Vote Mama Foundation.

The Foundation advocates for mothers of young children serving in elected office.

Cappelletti co-chairs the Pennsylvania Women’s Health Caucus. She has experienced pregnancy loss in the past and is supporting a bill providing three days of paid leave for workers experiencing pregnancy loss.

She’s also hoping the state House and Senate can work on guaranteed paid family and sick leave for workers in the state.

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Sen. Cappelletti talks about reproductive choice in a Radnor League of Women Voters interview.

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