Community’s Weighed in: Here’s What’s Next for Don Guanella Park

A board of post-it notes with suggestions for the new park at Don Guanella in Marple
Image via Delaware County
A board of post-in notes with community suggestions for the new Don Guanella park

Delaware County officials and four consulting firms are sifting through community suggestions made Jan. 14 at a community open house on a proposed 213-acre county park at the former Don Guanella property in Marple, writes Kenny Cooper for WHYY.

Suggestions for uses have been varied and include skate parks, BMX trails, natural wooded trails, paved trails for bikes, and handicap access, even mushroom farming, or organic farming.

Ann Hutchinson, senior director of municipal planning at Natural Lands, said a community open house about the park Jan. 14 was one of the best community turnouts she’s seen since starting as a planner in 1987.

To follow up, a survey will be posted on the county website later this month for more input.

A second in-person public session will take place in late March.

The consultants will compile the feedback and develop a set of recommendations for county council.

Much of the focus will be on the 30 acres of land previously developed before the county decided to acquire the property. 

 “Parks aren’t built overnight, so it will be improved over the years and residents will certainly see improvements in the next one to two years,” Hutchinson said.

Read more about upcoming the results of the community open house and activity surrounding Delaware County’s newest park at WHYY.

Grassroot activists take a hike through Don Guanella forest celebrating the decision to create the county park.

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