Chester Students Learn There Are Many Paths to Success, Including a Path to CCRES

Thuy Yancey
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Thuy Yancey

Thuy Yancey, Coordinator of Recruitment since 2013 at CCRES, discussed paths to success, career development, and college with a group of Chester teens enrolled in the Launch program at the Andrew Hicks, Jr. Foundation.

The Launch program empowers 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade Chester students to either be accepted into college or complete career training.

The goal is to prepare the students for future employment. The program provides personalized learning experiences and allows the students to develop practical skills that offer paths to success.

Yancey, a West Chester University graduate with a degree in Criminal Justice, has been involved in recruiting and staffing for more than 15 years, primarily in the behavioral health and education field.

She talked to the students about her own journey to success, starting with earning an associate’s degree from Delaware County Community College right after high school. She then transferred her credits to West Chester University to finish up her degree work.

Community college gave her the chance to work while in school without needing student loans while she figured out her career interests. 

Following college, she entered a career in Human Resources, obtaining her SHRM (The Society for Human Resources) credential in 2017.

“I love HR because I have the opportunity meet a variety of incredible people through every stage of life and help candidates and staff change their lives in a meaningful way,” Yancey said.  

Her HR goal is to make candidates and employees “the best version of themselves in the workforce.”

She shared her tips for success with the students:

  • Attitude and caring about community and service, something bigger than yourself
  • Networking, because every meeting in your life can create a career opportunity
  • Growth, an ongoing process of building upon skills
  • Flexibility, constantly working on changing and adapting for your own needs and the needs of your employer and co-workers
  • Follow Up-Communication to maintain positive relationships
  • Practice Social Ques and learn how to interpret and convey nonverbal cues and adjust
  • Clean Up Social Media to ensure your social media reflects the image you want to convey
  • Continued Hard Work and continuing to build on employment skills

Yancey talked about the opportunities at CCRES, including the chance to obtain certifications and college credits.

CCRES, which provides behavioral health services for children in Southeastern Pennsylvania, has a range of jobs and careers, from entry-level jobs suitable for a high school graduate, up to master degree positions.

The staff has opportunities for paid training and to obtain certifications and college credits. CCRES offers tuition discounts with local and online universities while providing flexible schedules for employees.

CCRES also gives back to the community with a grant funding program, the core of the CCRES mission, Yancey said.

Find out more about CCRES.

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