In 2017, Cabrini Broke a Guinness World Record to Help the Homeless

Cabrini University Sox
Image via Emily Rowan, the Loquitur.

Cabrini University is teaching its students, staff, alumni, and others a thing or two about the lives of homeless people, and this week it set a Guinness World Record to punctuate that point.

Cabrini celebrated its 60th anniversary with a new-sock collection that broke the previous Guinness record of 2,459 donated socks by amassing 3,916 during the eight-hour sock drive, according to a report in the Loquitur, the university’s newspaper, by Jaclyn Labes.

“This gives people a sort of pause to stop and think about something that they would normally take for granted,” said Nancy Costello, a Cabrini trustee and wife of nonprofit Joy of Sox Founder Tom Costello.

“Just a pair of socks, you know it just raises a level of awareness in people’s minds that ‘oh my goodness, when I put my socks on in the morning, some people don’t have that luxury.’ It is important to have that recognition.”

Cabrini has supported Joy of Sox since its start in 2010, and branded its anniversary effort as Sox for 60.

“The reason I asked Cabrini to collect men’s socks is because if you took a look at the homeless population in Philadelphia, 85 percent of the population are men,” Tom Costello said.

Read more about Cabrini’s Sox for 60 in the Loquitur here.

Editor’s Note: This post first appeared Feb. 24, 2017.

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