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All goals are purposeful, but are they meaningful?

A meaningful goal is one that “makes a difference.” Jacking up your income by a few percentage points, while desirable, does not qualify as a meaningful goal. So, what does?

You may wish to make scientific breakthroughs, set new standards at Wimbledon, save a rainforest, or a whale. You might even aspire to raising the level of education on the African sub-continent or at home. Whatever it is, find it — it’s waiting out there for you.

Your special set of skills, talents, and abilities make you a square peg looking for a square hole. Until, or unless, you find it you will never do your very best work, enjoy total job satisfaction, or fulfill your destiny – so find it!

Of course, there are elements to all professions that require us to do stuff we don’t particularly like, that’s life. I personally don’t enjoy some of the more technical aspects of being a writer, trainer, speaker, and publisher, but those aspects don’t take up all my time, and the parts I do enjoy more than make up for it in job satisfaction.

The first step then is to find out what your personal makeup really is and how your share of skills, talents, and abilities stack up in the overall scheme of things, and the marketplace.

Until you find out exactly what tools you’ve got to work with you cannot decide, with any degree of accuracy, exactly what purpose you should put them to.

In your heart of hearts, you already “know” what the answer is, but you may be afraid to admit it to yourself and others because of what they may think or say. You may need a little help.

Don’t make life more difficult for yourself. Before you start setting down “meaningful goals” you need first to show what it is that you are best at, in order that you can excel at it easily and naturally.

If you have any problems at all finding what you need, just punch “Vocational Guidance” into your favorite search engine and something will turn up.

What new things did you discover about yourself during your vocational guidance analysis? Perhaps you discovered nothing new but were able to confirm some deeply seated suspicions about just what you should be doing with your life. If that’s the case the effort will have been worthwhile.

If you really did go through the vocational guidance procedures as instructed, you now know what you should be concentrating your energies on. Now that you recognize what it is that you enjoy the most and can really excel at — here comes the fun part.

Next week, we will talk more about what to do with this revelation and how to get started on making meaningful goals for your personal and professional lives.

For more goal-setting tips and worksheets, go to Achievable.com or contact Michael@achievable.com today.

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