How to Tap into the Hidden Market for Six-Figure Jobs

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Among the thousands of job postings on LinkedIn or Indeed you’re unlikely to come across an abundance of six-figure jobs. Hiring managers and executives usually rely on their underground networks to fill those positions. In order to comply with internal regulations, some companies advertise positions that have already been filled.  

Some roles are already taken by people who management wants to push out, writes Callum Borchers for The Wall Street Journal. Other companies want to avoid the roles being visible to competition. Borchers spoke to experts on what jobseekers need to know about the underground job market.  

Networking is Key 

CEO of recruiting firm Hirewell, Matt Massucci, told The Wall Street Journal that six-figure seekers should devote at least 30 minutes a day to networking. It can be as simple as sending someone a LinkedIn message if they work at a company that interests you. Or it can be as involved as attending conferences or even speaking on panels. The importance is being visible to recruiters. 

Have an Open Mind  

Don’t be closed off to making connections that are out of your industry, or even your location. Chances are, they may know someone who is. Building connections across networks increases your chances of landing a job or finding a new opportunity.  

Be Direct 

When building a relationship with recruiters or “head-hunters” it’s important to be direct about what you want. Instead of inviting them for lunch to “pick their brain”, sending a direct message or e-mail expressing interest in a position is the way to go.  

Read more about how to tap into the hidden job market on The Wall Street Journal.  

Abby from the Life Work Balance Youtube channel gives additional advice on how to access the hidden job market.

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