5 Actions Gen-Z Can Take to Hedge their Careers Against a Likely Recession

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If you are a part of Generation Z then you have probably noticed now is a pretty unusual time to try to enter the job market. There are the high inflation rates impacting everything, workplaces still figuring out if they want to be remote or not, stocks fluctuating abnormally, and no sign of things getting simpler on the horizon.

Young as you are, maybe you are already concerned about working during a recession like millennials already did years ago. It is a realistic concern to have, but Forbes has shared some good preemptive steps you can take to safeguard yourself.

Analyze How Prospective Employees Acquire their Income

When applying with companies, you want to look at more than just salary and location. Make sure you also know how they are getting their revenue.

For instance, companies that invest in venture capital funds could see the bottom fall out in the current investment climate and be forced to lay people off to compensate.

Manage Your Online Profiles

Don’t just worry about your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram as you prepare for new applications. You never know who is viewing your profiles in the meantime.

Keep your presence up to date with the professional image you want to cultivate so you are not turning employers away before you have even met them.


One networking mistake people make is not doing it until they are already on the job hunt. Another major mistake is only networking in your own field. You never know when you might want to change paths down the road.

Develop Soft Skills

Soft skills are talents that are flexible enough to be beneficial to any role. It’s not all about degrees and certifications. Work on skills like your time management and being able to communicate effectively.


While your end goal is no doubt full time work, freelancing is a way to get your foot in somewhere and gain experience in the meantime. Even if you are currently working, picking up freelance projects in other fields will help you develop new skills.

Don’t get caught fumbling to course correct if something financially disastrous does happen. Planning ahead is protecting your future self.

It is never too early to start making contingency plans. Find out more of what you can do to brace for a recession on Forbes.


YouTube channel SuperHuman Life shares 9 recession proof jobs so you can be ready and benefit from the upcoming recession.


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