DOE Deputy Secretary ‘Impressed with the Work’ of Upper Darby School District

Cindy Marten visiting elementary school, holding two cups and talking to student wearing mask
Image via Upper Darby School District on Youtube.
Deputy Secretary of the Department of Education Cindy Marten, center, visits Upper Darby School District.

The Upper Darby School District is making an impression on the Biden administration. And it’s all thanks to the big bucks!  

The 2022 American Rescue Plan granted billions of federal dollars to schools across the country including Upper Darby. 

Cindy Marten, Deputy Secretary at the U.S. Department of Education, visited several schools in the district back in March. Marten is now saying that she is “impressed with the work” being done with the grant money, writes Mark Eichmann for WHYY.  

The district alone received $2.2 million dollars to improve school safety. It was also used for the Restorative Practices Initiative, which helps schools with behavioral management through professional development.  

Pennsylvania received $41.8 million collectively. 

Back in March, Marten visited Bywood and Garrettford elementary schools to see this initiative in action.  

It’s supposed to support students in emotional and mental health from the COVID-19 pandemic.  

“These grants will prioritize evidence-based efforts that advance equity,” said Marten.  “Our focus must be wider than just physically safe school communities. We must also ensure that our students feel cultural and linguistic support and provide ongoing professional development for our teachers and other school-based professionals.” 

Read more about how Upper Darby schools are using grant money to provide safer educational experiences on WHYY.  

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