Sellers Avenue Bridge in Ridley Could be Closed a Long Time

The closed Sellers Avenue bridge in Ridley Park
Image via Kimberly Paynter, WHYY.

The Sellers Avenue Bridge in Ridley Park could be closed for a long while as PennDOT struggles to work out supply issues and conflicts with Amtrak in its efforts to replace the bridge, writes Kenny Cooper for WHYY.

The 1904 bridge was closed by PennDOT over safety issues back in July. The closed bridge limits access to downtown and businesses are struggling.  

The bridge passes over an Amtrak line and steel wires that run the train would have to be placed on poles during the construction.

Because of supply issues, it will take six to eight months for the poles to arrive.

Then there’s the matter of who does the ordering.  Amtrak says it’s not responsible for ordering the poles. PennDOT agreed to order the poles, but not until the contract for the bridge is awarded to a contractor at the end of January.

 “You do the math, we are lucky if this thing starts a year from now,” said Ridley Park Council President Dane Collins.

Meanwhile, the closure has made traffic on Swarthmore Avenue worse and caused revenue to drop 25% for businesses settled downtown, Collins said.

Read more at WHYY about the Sellers Avenue bridge project and its impact on Ridley Park.

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