PA Trying to Fix Edgmont Neighborhood’s Flooding Problem

Flood waters overflow on to a roadway
Image via Audacy.

State grants are flowing to Runnymeade Farms, a neighborhood in Edgmont Township, to try and control severe flooding in that part of Delaware County, writes Justin Udo for KWY Newsradio.

Runnymeade Farms will get two state grants for flood mitigation and watershed restoration to keep the neighborhood above water.

Delaware County State Rep. Chris Quinn (R-168) fought for the $500,000 grants for “an area that has really struggled with some severe flooding.”

The infrastructure flooding problem is rampant in Quinn’s district.

The 168th includes the towns of Chester Heights, Edgmont Township, part of Marple Township, Media, and Middletown Township.

Severe rains overload a poor storm drainage system in the area triggering the flooding.

“With each flood, with each passing storm it gets worse and worse, so it has to be replaced,” Quinn said. “Once it collapses, it becomes more of a dam than a pipe,” Quinn said.

A new storm drain network will be built, adding 1,000 feet of new piping, removing damaged stormwater structures and fixing hundreds of collapsed pip in the Sawgrass Stream Valley.

Quinn said this is the first of several projects needed, including work in Middletown Township.

Read more at KWY Newsradio about flood control efforts at Runnymeade Farms in Edgmont Township. 

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