Delco Woman Casts for New Career, Pulls in Fish Nets

Tina Lewis at work on a fish net project
Image via Wayward Trading Post.
Tina Lewis at work on a fish net project

Delaware County native Tina Lewis left behind the security of her 15 years with AmerisourceBergen to enter uncharted waters—designing fish nets, writes Lisa Dukart for Philadelphia Business Journal.

Last August, Lewis went full time with her fishing net business Wayward Trading Post.

Wayward operates in Frankford but Lewis wants to relocate it to Delaware County.

It started in 2019 when a friend asked Lewis and her husband Justin to craft a fishing net.

They shared the experience of creating the net using online photos and were surprised how many people were interested.

“It was really just one of those moments where it was an organic realization that this could be a thing,” Lewis recalled.

She recalled when her father took her and her brother fishing, camping and hunting.  She grew up using spinners for fishing so creating nets seemed natural to her.

Wayward Trading Post has so far been self-funded, but business has doubled and Lewis is already looking ahead to her next product line—court tennis racquets.

“I really think that there’s an opportunity here to create a company that provides niche handcrafted sporting goods,” she said.

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