Emma’s Liberian Kitchen Opens New Location in Collingdale


Now you can get a taste of Liberian food in Collingdale with a new location opening for Emma’s Liberian Kitchen, writes Natalie Jason for 6abc.com.

Emma Dalieh came to Philadelphia from Liberia armed with a lifetime of recipes. She opened Emma’s Liberian Kitchen in Southwest Philly.

Liberia is Africa’s oldest republic. Emma was raised in a family where food was the focus. She enjoys sharing her culinary talents with her customers.

She also makes sure to hire chefs from Liberia to keep the food authentic.

“American food you cook it real fast. African food you’ve got to take your time and make sure that seasoning is properly into your food,” says Emma’s kitchen manager Munah Jauquee.

Affectionately known as Auntie Emma by her customers, Emma makes sure she connects with people, offering hospitality in her homestyle kitchen.

Diners could try traditional Liberian dishes like “cassava leaf,” cassava plant leaves simmered in African spices, or “palm butter,” a stew of smoked meats.

The success of her restaurant has paved the way 10 years later for a second location in Collingdale, Emma’s Liberian Kitchen II. 

You can find the Collingdale restaurant at 901 MacDade Blvd. in Collingdale

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