Keeping Up with New LinkedIn Features and Updates

Young man logging into LinkedIn on his ipad
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LinkedIn keeps rolling out new features and updates to existing features. Are you keeping tabs on these enhancements available to you? Here are eleven.

  • Calendar Syncing – you can sync your calendar in the LinkedIn mobile app
  • Carousel feature – a gradual rollout of the carousel feature is in the works for creators, so stay tuned (I do not have it yet)
  • Followers – when people reach out to connect, they automatically follow you, and you can view your followers
  • Free Job Post – you can create a free online job post
  • Group analytics – group admins can see group analytics
  • Industry Options – new industry options have been added
  • LinkedIn Audio – there have been upgrades as this audio feature is being rolled out, including to company pages
  • Productsadd products to your experience section is currently being rolled out
  • Reshare a Post – first click share and then click repost
  • Save Post as draft – an article in LinkedIn’s knowledge base is forthcoming, but you should be able to click on the cancel button when you get to the end of the post to save it as a draft, and it is being rolled out on the desktop version
  • Service Pages – you can now add media to a service page and also link your service page to your company page

Did you see the other 2022 LinkedIn updates?

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