A Tutorial in ‘Wawa’ to Prep Nashville for the Store’s Arrival

A Wawa hoagie being cut.
Image via Wawa.
Nashville will be introduced to the Wawa hoagie when a new store opens there.

As Nashville prepares for their first Wawa, a local newspaper gives them a crash course on what they’ll be in for.

First of all, people do plan to go out and eat at a convenience store when it’s a Wawa, and much more, writes Mandy Hoskison and C.A. Bridge for the Nashville Tennessean.

 “People have gotten married at a Wawa. There are songs about it. People get tattoos. Whenever a new location opens up, teeming crowds gather for a near-Mardi Gras experience — if the French Quarter had a bank of gas stations in the middle,” they write.

And Wawa eats it up.

“We are always grateful and treasure these moments more than anything — from customers lining up to be first in the door of a brand new store, or traveling to every store across a state …” said Wawa Public Relations manager Lori Bruce.

The first Nashville location opens in 2025, joining nearly 1,000 Wawa stores in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, and Washington, D.C.

Wawa is actually asking Tennesseans where they’d like to see the Wawa store go, taking suggestions here.

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