Wiser Wealth: Investment Opportunities You Should be Using if You Are an Accredited Investor

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Becoming an accredited investor opens you up to many potentially lucrative investment options. But for a newcomer, the choices can be overwhelming. Fortunately, those with experience have shared some of the most popular options. The site Investment Firms goes into detail on the best investment opportunities, but here is a summary of their picks.


If you have already worked with real estate before, maybe you want to stick with what you know. RealtyMogul is a nice middle ground that deals in commercial real estate and can allow you to generate passive income on your investments.


Fundrise is another option for real estate, but is more catered towards those who are comfortable with long-term projects. Fortunately, the minimum investment threshold is low, starting at $10.

Angel List

As the name suggests, this option is seen as a bit of a miracle because it is exclusively for startups that are getting their start due to investors like you. The benefit to you is you can personally choose which startups you support, and you could get in on the ground floor of something big.

Personal Capital

Depending on how big of an investment you want to put in, Personal Capital can either be very appealing or intimidating. The minimum you need to invest is $100,000, so that can make them great for experienced investors.


CrowdStreet is another real estate investment option, in this instance connecting you with the project developers you would like to invest in. One great detail is the projects even come with video reviews of the idea to give you a visual of what you are supporting.

Working with a firm that specializes in accredited investments

Fred Hubler, Chief Wealth Strategist for Phoenixville-based Creative Capital Wealth Management Group, a wealth management practice that services families in 28 states and specializes in retainer-based planning and alternative investment strategies, uses accredited investments to give his clients additional asset classes that are not tied to the stock or bond market.  

Hubler states “it is not for everyone, most accredited investments have limited liquidity and we restrict the amount an investor invests to make sure it’s the proper amount.” According to Hubler. “today clients are looking for a place to invest that is not a stock or bond and accredited investments can fill that need”.

Equity Multiple

Equity Multiple is one final real estate investment option that is more of a mid-range in terms of investment requirements from you. Fortunately, returns are quite favorable, averaging around 16.8%.

As an accredited investor, you will be putting up even more money than usual on these investment options. That makes it all the more important to do your research on what you are putting your money into.

If you need more information about any of these options, be sure to read the article from Investment Firms here.


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