In the Local Competitive Supermarket Market, A Tried-and-True Brand Stays Relevant

Image via Donald Giannatti at Unsplash.
Data show that Phila.-area food shoppers hew to a legacy brand when gathering groceries.

Phila. area grocery shoppers have a multitude of choices for amassing food and other goods. And several of the current competitors — Wegman’s, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, even Hello Fresh — are decidedly high-end. But a legacy brand has shouldered on, becoming the region’s top grocery store chain for 2021, according to statistics from a Tampa food service market research firm. Taylor Allen and Mike D’Onofrio bagged the details in Axios.

Malvern-based Acme Markets turns out to be the region’s top grocer, with 15.8 percent of market share.

The popular chain is owned by Albertsons. But that might change soon, as the parent company is currently considering the sale of some of its grocery chains (including Acme Markets) in a business-strategy realignment.

Albertsons owns 77 Acme locations in the Phila. area.

The other area food stores performed as follows:

RankStoreMarket Share
2Giant Food Store14 percent
3Walmart10.9 percent
4Costco6 percent
5Wegman’s5.7 percent
6BJ’s Wholesale Club5.4 percent
7Shop Rite4.7 percent
8Sam’s Club3.3 percent
9Whole Foods Market3.1 percent
10Target PFresh2.8 percent

Meanwhile, Dollar Tree, owner of Family Dollar, had the highest number of stores in the area (252) but only came in 16th on the list.

Read more about grocery store performance in the Phila. area in Axios.

Acme Markets has been a Phila.-area mainstay for decades, as evidenced by this classic 1977 TV commercial.

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