Career Corner: Creating Your First LinkedIn Profile? Don’t Worry About Work Experience and Connections

Young Professional in her studio

LinkedIn has become one of the best methods to not only find new jobs but also build connections with peers in your field. So it is only natural people preparing to enter the workforce or early in their career would want to join the platform and create a LinkedIn profile.

As discussed recently in The Wall Street Journal, now Generation Z is transitioning over. But many of them find it daunting trying to acclimate to the site after seeing how much others have accomplished.

Nick Saunders, a sophomore at North Carolina State University, summed up that feeling, saying, “Looking at everyone else’s LinkedIn stresses me out.” But the key to getting to where you want to be is a willingness to learn the basic steps to get started.

Here are three steps early-career professionals can do to establish their LinkedIn profile.

Include a Profile Picture

You might be thinking of skipping this step because you don’t have a professionally taken photo of yourself in work attire. But even something taken by phone with you in dress attire against a plain background is better than nothing.

LinkedIn’s production management reports having a profile picture makes people 21 times more likely to check out your profile.

Think About Keywords

The words you use to describe yourself are what will lead recruiters and other connections to find you. To ensure you are getting the notice of the right people, look at the qualifications for the types of jobs that interest you. Note the common words used to describe those positions, and try to include them in your profile.

Focus on Useful Connections

It is common to see other profiles with over 500 connections, but that certainly does not mean all those connections are helpful to that person.

Look for groups centered around the field that interests you and start building connections there. It is not how many connections you have, but how helpful they are to you.

Nobody is expecting you to have a fully fleshed-out profile overnight. It takes time to build yourself up. Take it one step at a time and you will start seeing the results.

For eight more tips on what you can do to enhance your LinkedIn profile, read The Wall Street Journal article here.


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