Peddler’s Village, Survivor of Numerous Boom-Bust Cycles, Wasn’t Going to Let a Pandemic Beat It, Either

women outside store
Image via The Cloak and Wand at Facebook,
New for Peddler's Village in 2022: The Cloak and Wand, a Conn. retail operation catering to fans of wizardry and fantasy. The Miss America contestants here have caught the retailer's entertaining spell.

Last year, despite a travel-tourism-retail environment of ongoing uncertainty of the pandemic, Peddler’s Village closed the 2021 books with record-breaking sales.

In fact, the site has proven so resilient that the latest performance numbers top the previous sales pinnacle from FY2019, beating it by 35 percent.

In 2020, the shopping-dining-performance destination had more than 2 million visitors and led the Philadelphia Business Journal list of area attractions. Throughout 2021, it is celebrating its 60th anniversary.

“During the first pandemic year, we welcomed not only many visitors from outside of Bucks County, but also tens of thousands of local residents who rediscovered Peddler’s Village and found it a viable and exciting destination,” said Bob McGowan, chief operating officer. “Wherever they were from, our visitors seemed to appreciate the shops and entertainment we recently added.”

In contrast to many other U.S. shopping destinations, Peddler’s Village is currently 100 percent leased. Further, several new businesses will be opening this spring, including Cloak and Wand, a “wizarding and witchcraft” shop.

“At Peddler’s Village, the conversations never stop,” said McGowan. “We are constantly evaluating and discussing ideas about how to move forward. We have smart merchants, a great team, and boundless enthusiasm to make this unique destination the best that it can be.”

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