Collingdale Teen, Police Officer Rescue 3 Kids Who Fell Through the Ice


Anthony Alexander was with his three friends at Collingdale Park Monday afternoon when he heard screams from the partially-thawed pond, writes Jaclyn Lee for

Two little girls and a boy fell through into the icy water.  

Alexander tried to pull them out with a stick but then jumped in after them.

“It was cold,” recalled Alexander. “Like I was shocked, like my body went into shock.”

He pulled out the little boy and one of the girls.

Collingdale Police Sgt. Pat Kilroy. Image via

“They really need help. I wasn’t going to sit there and let them drown like that,” Alexander said.

By then, Collingdale Police Sgt. Pat Kilroy had arrived. He jumped in the pond to save the second girl.

 “They were really scared, they were like, ‘help my sister’,” recalled Sgt.  Kilroy. “At that point, you just go, and I knew what had to be done.”

The kids were taken to the hospital for evaluation and are OK.

Two other police officers were traveling to the scene but got into an accident. They suffered non-threatening injuries.

Neighborhood parents want the pond fenced off.

“On a nice day, kids wanting to get outside, it was inevitable,” said Princess Rahman. “There’s nothing keeping them safe.”

Read more at 6abc about this frozen pond rescue.

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