Career Corner: Colorado Offers Clues to How Much You Should Be Paid?

Pay Day Cubes
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Applying for jobs is often unfairly weighted in favor of the employers, such as many companies not telling you what they pay until you are already interviewing with them.

That makes it harder for employees to know if a job is worth their time, as well as whether the salary they are being offered is comparable to the average for that type of work.

However, the Wall Street Journal recently shared that laws prohibit this practice in Colorado. In Colorado, it is the law that companies must post what employees can expect to make for each role.

But this information is useful for the entire country because it allows people everywhere to get a basic idea of what a job should pay based on what it pays in Colorado.

Some companies, such as Dish Network, welcome the law change that went into effect last year. “We believe in wage transparency, and it’s important to note that wages posted do not reflect the entire compensation picture,” said Dish’s chief human-resources officer David Scott.

That being said, not all companies are equally as enthusiastic about the regulation. Some have already started resorting to loopholes to continue trying to obscure what employees can expect to make.

For instance, some companies are creating job postings where the salary range is so vast that it makes it impossible for the candidate to get an accurate impression. Such postings could be salaries where the stated minimum and maximum pay differ by over $100,000.

Other companies are willing to abide by the spirit of the law in good faith, though. That is providing candidates with valuable insight for planning what jobs to prioritize. For instance, at Amazon, base pay for a software-development engineer is just over $200,000.

As mentioned, these details are valuable to more than just Colorado residents. While the cost of living varies between states, these openly listed salaries can help prospective employees nationwide get a better idea of what the typical pay should generally be for their work.

To check out the compiled list of jobs and what they pay in Colorado, read the Wall Street Journal’s article here.


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