Learn ‘How to Invest Like the Big Dogs’ from Renowned Wealth Advisor on Dec. 7 NoonZOOM

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What are the top strategies for growing wealth that accredited investors should consider? What kind of tax deductions are available on specific oil and gas investments? What advantages and returns do Opportunity Zone investments offer?

On Tuesday, Dec. 7, DELCO Today will host a NoonZOOM — entitled “How to Invest Like the Big Dogs” — for accredited investors who want a deeper understanding of investment vehicles not available to everyone.

You might wonder why you need to meet such a high threshold to access these investments. It is a regulation put in place by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to protect “unsophisticated” investors.

The thought process is that these types of investments pose a larger risk despite their potential to yield great returns.

To put it plainly, to qualify as an accredited investor you need a high income. Over $200,000 a year, to be exact ($300,000 if you share a joint income). And if you aren’t making that much, you can still be considered an accredited investor if your net worth, not including your primary residents, exceeds $1 million.


Find out if you meet the SEC’s definition of an “Accredited Investor”?


NoonZOOMs are a series of informal sessions that are both interesting and insightful and dive into issues and topics suburban Philadelphians want to know more about.

In “How to Invest Like the Big Dogs,” Fred Hubler, the Chief Wealth Strategist of Phoenixville-based Creative Capital Wealth Management Group, will share five strategies for growing wealth that he has learned from his nearly two decades of working with high-net-worth individuals and families.

He will also share investments and strategies that are only available to accredited investors, as well as some new spins on existing strategies.

A Q&A will follow Hubler’s presentation.

Complete a brief questionnaire to confirm your accredited Investor status and then register here for “How to Invest Like the Big Dogs” on Dec. 7.


Publisher’s Disclaimer:

DELCO.Today is a business news website owned by The American Community Journals (ACJ).  ACJ is not a registered investment advisor.  Any views, opinions, strategies, and suggestions featured in the content of the NoonZoom webinar and the Wiser Wealth segments found on DELCO.Today and in our e-blasts do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of ACJ, its staff, owners, board members, or other stakeholders. All views, advice, and opinions regarding investments and tax advice are of Fred Hubler registered investment advisor of Creative Capital Wealth Management (CCWM) of Phoenixville PA. Much of their content is related to investments that are not FDIC insured and may lose value.  Representations from CCWM, and its investment strategies’ past results may not necessarily be guarantees of future performance or returns. ACJ, is a news outlet and it and its staff, owners, board members, and other stakeholders are not responsible for any successes / profits, or failures / losses which may be a direct or indirect result of strategies obtained by our guests who participate in any Noon Zoom webinar or Wiser Wealth Segment.

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