Wall Street Journal: Mask Requirements Easing in School District

A child getting vaccinated against Covid while another child holds his hand.
Image via Maddie McGarvey, WSJ.
Children 5 to 11 started getting first doses of Covid-19 vaccines Wednesday.

More school districts are loosening mask and quarantine requirements now that COVID-19 vaccines are available for younger children and cases are dropping, writes Betsy Morris for The Wall Street Journal.

Even so, some are wary.

“I still feel strongly that schools should maintain Covid-19 safety protocols until the rate of community transmission decreases,” says Delaware County mom Ren Tonsa.

Her 11-year-old daughter has Down syndrome, making her vulnerable to serious respiratory problems.

 Tonsa is hopeful her daughter will go back to school in January. She’s been out since March 2020.

Elsewhere, school systems are allowing parents to opt out of requiring masks for their children in school, from elementary school age through high school.

Others are allowing indoor mask mandates to end for students, staff and visitors.

At the beginning of November, 17 states required school masks; 26 didn’t and seven states prohibited mask requirements, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Back in late August, when Delta variant was spreading, a Gallup poll of parents showed nearly half wanted masks mandated in school. 

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf said this week masks in school will be up to local leaders when a statewide mandate expires mid-January.

Read more at the Wall Street Journal about lifting of mask restrictions in schools.

A news report covers a decision by a state court to throw out a PA mandate on school masks.

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