Philly Tech Trends: How Houses of Worship Can Improve Live Streaming of their Holiday Services

Abington Presbyterian Church.
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This is the time of year when more people visit churches more than any other time of the year.

But there are plenty of unforeseen circumstances that can prevent those plans. Old age, illness, and becoming overwhelmed with holiday responsibilities can all cause people to miss attending service.

It has become more common for religious services to live stream their gatherings, but the quality can wind up lacking.

As we approach the holidays, places of worship can better prepare to make sure their remote members don’t wind up feeling like an afterthought. A post from LinkedIn shares how you can upgrade your current streaming system.

In this example, Haverford Systems helped Abington Presbyterian Church by providing them with a customized plan of the hardware and software they would need.

For instance, while services like Zoom are great for communicating virtually for face-to-face scenarios, it is not as suited for streaming a large busy worship hall.

Haverford switched the church over to using software called vMix, which is not free but offers much more advanced clarity options such as 4k video quality on streaming.

Haverford also equipped the church with a two-monitor setup, one for keeping an eye on the stream, and one for access to the streaming software so any adjustments can be easily made when needed.

Improvements like this are an investment but are worth it if you have a lot of members who can’t be there physically and you want to ensure their experience is not a blurry, difficult to hear stream.

Haverford and companies like them can help any house of worship analyze what the optimal plan for them would be.

That could mean the installation of multiple cameras, new audio capturing devices, and putting in any necessary cables.

If it has been a while since you have updated the technology you use, it could absolutely be worth a consultation to see how you could improve the experience for all your attendees.

For a more detailed explanation of how to use this technology during the holidays, check out the LinkedIn post here.


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