2 Towns Plan to Challenge Delaware County Appeal of Tax Exempt Properties

The Ridley Township Marina.
Image via Ridley Township Marina Facebook page.
Ridley Marina.

The Delaware County Board of Assessment heard the tax appeal of Delaware County Council Tuesday challenging tax exemptions for four properties it believes are for-profit.  A decision is expected in mid-November, writes Pete Bannan for the Daily Times.

The four parcels are owned by the Delaware County Solid Waste Authority, Ridley Township, and Springfield Township. 

The Solid Waste Authority was renting out property to a private landscaper to store equipment.  It has agreed not to challenge the tax exemption appeal.

The Ridley Marina is home to Stingers Restaurant and the Ridley Township Community Center is used by Capozzoli Catering.  Those appeals are being challenged by Ridley.

The Springfield Country Club, which has the for-profit Marriott Hotel, as well as a restaurant and catering business, is also on the appeals list.

Springfield is challenging that appeal because the Marriott pays an annual “payment in lieu of taxes” (PILOT) in exchange for the tax exemption.

The county argues that PILOT’s are for large nonprofits like universities.

Springfield’s solicitor Jim Byrne believes partnerships between municipalities and private parties are allowed.

The restaurant and catering business are there because the township lacks expertise in those fields, said Springfield Township Manager Lee Fulton.

Read more at the Daily Times about the tax appeals.

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