Are You Keeping Tabs on 2021 LinkedIn Innovations? Part 1

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Saweeet! You are going to be chuffed about these 2021 LinkedIn innovations. I’ll share a few new ones here in part 1 and more in part 2 next week.

Dark & Light Mode

Click on Me at the top, Settings & Privacy, Account Preferences, and Display (to see if it has been rolled out to you)

Workplace choices are now on-site, hybrid, remote

You can now select your workplace as on-site, hybrid, or remote when you want to let recruiters or the public know you are open to work.

Posting updates character limit has been increased to 3000 characters

You now have more characters for a post than in the past. Articles can have up to 125,000 characters.

Personal Demographic Data Collection (optional)

LinkedIn is asking you to participate in this initiative so they can make sure that all of the members on the platform have equal access opportunities. Therefore, they are collecting data to find out who, exactly, is using the platform.

Deceased LinkedIn member

If you have the authority to act on behalf of someone who is deceased, you can ask to have their profile closed or memorialize with the words “In remembrance” placed under their name.

Some other features that were rolled out in 2021 are listed in Are You Keeping Tabs on New LinkedIn Innovations? Those featured in that article include Instant Video Meetings, Creator Mode, Cover Story, and the Featured Section was released a year ago but is important.

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To register for the events below, visit the events page on the #GreatCareersPHL website and follow that hashtag too!

  • 10/8 Fri – Interviewing Techniques
  • 10/8 Fri – Job Seeker Power Hour: Evidence-based Ways to Think with Power & Build Resilience on Clubhouse
  • 10/9 Sat – Ace the Interview: Preparing for a Job Interview
  • 10/11 Mon – Career Success Group
  • 10/12 Tues – Opportunities Await: The Power of LinkedIn & Personal Branding at BENG
  • 10/12 Tues – Top Drivers of a Successful LinkedIn Profile for LinkedIn Recruiter
  • 10/12 Tues – Business Executives Networking Group (BENG)
  • 10/13 Wed – PowerThinking: Rejuvenating Your Amazing Mind Resilience Building Call
  • 10/13 Wed – The Importance of Personal Branding for Negotiation
  • 10/14 Thurs – Consulting & Freelancing: Should you go out on your own?
  • 10/14 Thurs – Snazzy Graphics for Social Media
  • 10/14 Thurs – Five Keys to Launching a Legally Sound Consulting Business
  • 10/15 Fri – Interviewing Techniques
  • 10/15 Fri – Job Seeker Power Hour: Making a Career Pivot Part 4 on Clubhouse
  • 10/16 Sat – LinkedIn Part 1 of 3
  • 10/16 Sat – Jump Start Your Job Search
  • 10/18 Mon – Career Success Group
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