Hedgerow Theater in Media Returns to Indoor, In-Person Play With ‘The Weir’

A scene from the play, The Weir, at the Hedgerow Theater.
Image via phindle.com.
A scene from the Hedgerow Theater production of 'The Weir'.

The Hedgerow Theater in Media has returned to in-person indoor plays, with a performance this month of The Weir, writes Christopher Munden for phindle.com.

It’s been an interesting challenge for Marcie Bramucci, who became executive director just as COVID-19 shut down the theaters.

 “Our local arts community was reeling in the wake of the pandemic,” she says. “Folks have moved away or transitioned out of the field, and it can be hard to reconnect with folks to know who’s still around and up for the adventure.”

The performance is a in Hedgerow Theater’s old grist-mill space.

“It is a play about coming together, and one that wants to be performed live and in-person. It is especially at home within Hedgerow’s historic grist mill theater, which lends another aura all around, nestled within bucolic Rose Valley.”

The Weir, by Conor McPherson, premiered in 1997 and is often listed as one of the best plays of the last century. It focuses on five people who come out of isolation to gather at a rural Irish pub for stories and drink.

The Weir opened Oct. 8 and runs through Oct. 31.

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The Irish Repertory Company takes a look at Conor McPherson’s ‘The Weir.’

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