Career Corner: New Philadelphia Match Making Site Connects Employers and Employees

Man using PropelPHL at a job fair
Image via Philadelphia Citizen.

While sites like LinkedIn and Indeed are no doubt useful, they can also be overwhelming. Rather than relying on personal interactions, so much of modern job hunting is about satisfying a computer algorithm that is scanning your resume.

That makes it difficult to really show who you are as an individual. But a new site is looking to change that for Philadelphia residents.

Writer Christine Speer Lejeune of the Philadelphia Citizen elaborates, discussing the site that launched in July called PropelPHL. Rather than the typical setup you are used to, this site has you fill out a questionnaire about yourself, asking where you are located, what you are interested in, and so on.

Then, based on your answers, you will start receiving matches with similar-minded employers.

The person behind the site, Kathryn Epps Roberson, is not shy about acknowledging its similarity to dating apps. “It’s very much like a dating app. So your best matches get pushed to you, with jobs that the data says are a good match for your skills.” Or if you want to browse, you can also manually search listings on the site as well.

PropelPHL is free to use, and currently has thousands of positions listed. With it only launching in the summer, it remains to be seen how receptive people looking for work will be to it.

The app does offer certain functions others do not, such as plans to roll out a system that will link you to training programs to help you acquire experience you are missing for a job you liked. That way you have a tangible next step to pursue even with positions that did not work.

“This is something we want to do for the long term, to change the workforce development model for good, and to challenge the status quo,” said Roberson.

This was no project created on a whim. This recent launch was the fruit of a year of work, and there are plans to continue expanding and improving the site in the coming months.

If you want to read more about PropelPHL and if it is right for you, check out the Philadelphia Citizen’s article on it here.


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