Career Corner: High Paying Jobs You Can Get Around Philadelphia with Just an Associate’s Degree

Dental Hygienists working with a patient

Many people view earning an associate degree as nothing more than a stepping stone towards an even higher degree. But an Associate’s Degree absolutely has value on its own.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you can’t get any good jobs if you can’t invest those extra years into schooling yet.

In the summer, Stacker released an article ascertaining exactly what kind of job prospects you have with an Associate’s Degree in and around the Delaware Valley. Contrary to what you might assume, there are some prestigious and well-paid positions available.

#10 Geological and Hydrologic Technicians

Even the lowest paying job on this list can still earn you over $70,000 a year. For the task of assisting scientists in analyzing materials in a laboratory and out in the field, you can earn more than what many do even with a bachelor’s education.

#9 Radio and Cellular Tower Workers

These towers are essential for everything from cell phones, to internet functionality, to even emergency services radios. Maintenance of communications equipment is always going to be a priority, and you will be well compensated for it too with a salary of around $75,000.

#8 Computer Network Specialists

With how reliant we are on computers today, having tech support is essential. For troubleshooting network system problems you can expect to make in the vicinity of $76,000.

#7 Web Developers

Every company needs a website nowadays, and this position is tasked with creating and optimizing those websites. Making sure coding is functioning properly is an important service to provide, and it is compensated with a typical mean salary just shy of $80,000 per year.

#6 Dental Hygienists

Tooth care isn’t just about giving people a nice-looking smile. Poor oral hygiene can lead to serious and expensive problems, like infections that spread beyond the mouth. A healthy mouth is imperative, which is why dental hygienists can make over $80,000.

#5 Nuclear Medicine Technologists

In this role, you are working with radioactive materials for the purpose of preparing to administer them for procedures such as radiation therapy for patients. You can more than $80,000 for this job that could lead to life-saving intervention for some patients.

#4 Avionics Technician

This important job will see you focusing on the successful operation of equipment that is used for navigation and communication for sky and space transportation. Installing and maintaining this equipment brings a salary that can be upwards of $81,000.

#3 Nuclear Technicians

Even with just an Associate’s Degree, you can still work in scientific fields. In this role you would be helping engineers and physicists with creating and optimizing power, a task that pays a salary mean of more than $90,000.

#2 Funeral Home Managers

With just an Associate’s Degree, you can handle one of life’s most important responsibilities in ensuring people’s loved ones are remembered with respect. The task of coordinating funeral services is a career that can pay over $90,000.

#1 Radiation Therapists

With a typical mean salary of nearly $100,000, you can earn more in this position than what a lot of people do even with a Master’s Degree. And you get the fulfillment of working in a job where you know your efforts are helping people who are dealing with tumors and other serious conditions.

For the full list of the nearly 40 good jobs you can get, check out the article from Stacker here.


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