Career Corner: Finding Career Satisfaction and Happiness Is Possible

Two young professional women at work.

Despite what you might assume, most people feel satisfied in the work they do. In fact, according to a recent poll from Gallup, even during the start of the pandemic last year, 89% of people reported being satisfied in their careers.

With how many people were losing money, that statistic might shock you. However, as told by Arthur C. Brooks in an article published by Route Fifty, money is actually not the primary determinant of job satisfaction.

Rather, happiness comes from feeling fulfilled in terms of your values and what you are contributing towards.

Brooks also alludes to employed people in general just feeling more satisfaction in life. That may account for the high positivity rate from the 2020 poll when many were likely feeling grateful their position was not laying them off.

And while you might assume salary still has a large impact on job satisfaction, experts said that these feelings were fleeting. After growing accustomed to the new wage, employees tended to grow dissatisfied again if they were not in a position they enjoyed overall.

So what were the biggest factors determining satisfaction? Work-life balance, recognition for one’s contributions, and a feeling of a job well done. And the good news is, those traits can be found in any line of work, regardless of salary.

So while you will no doubt be considering how much a position pays when looking for new work, if you crave long-term happiness there, ask yourself if it will satisfy your emotional needs. Even the highest-paying job you have will feel like an endless chore if it leaves you with no sense of accomplishment at the end of each day.

If you want to know more about what you can do to find happiness at work, read the full article from Route Fifty here.


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