As Sister Company to Exton’s All-Fill, Auger Fabrication Turns Dated Manufacturing Building in Downingtown into State-of-the-Art Facility

Images via Auger Fabrication.

Until recently, All-Fill, the Exton-based manufacturer of packaging machinery with a global presence, and its sister company, Auger Fabrication, had been working together under the same roof since 1984.

As a company, All-Fill was built on its line of vertical auger fillers, which have been used around the world since 1969. Auger Fabrication, meanwhile, supplies the augers, accessories, and parts for the machines that All-Fill manufactures. (Its best customer is All-Fill; however, it also sells its tooling and replacement parts to other packaging machinery manufacturers.) The relationship between the two companies forms the foundation for the unparalleled service they provide their existing and ever-expanding customer base.

When All-Fill acquired Palace Packaging of Downingtown in 2019 and expanded its product offering to include bottle unscramblers, the latter’s team moved into the former’s home. The relocation enabled All-Fill to renovate Palace Packaging’s old facility, which is visible from the Route 30 Bypass.

“When demolition first started in mid-2019, you could see the potential,” said Eric Edginton, Executive Vice President of Auger Fabrication. “Everyone involved was excited for the move and looked forward to the new possibilities this would give Auger Fab.”

In July 2020, when the renovation was complete and the building brought back to life, Auger Fabrication had its own state-of-the-art space – 35,000 square feet of it – to increase production and handle the company’s recent growth.

“The renovation was progressing into late January, beginning of February in 2020,” said Edginton. “Once COVID hit, the project was put on a three-month hold with our contractors. But we powered through, got the job done, and noticed immediate benefits for both companies. This move has given Auger Fabrication their own identity and provided the extra space All-Fill needed for their two new, recently acquired companies.”

Both companies continue to collaborate. In addition to the packaging industry, Auger Fabrication handles just about any auger metering application. It specializes in supplying new and replacement augers, conveyor screws, feeder screws, and flight material for dry and liquid materials. The common goal of both is to ensure that they can handle any filling application that is presented to them.

“This move has put Auger Fabrication on the map with a state-of-the-art production facility,” said Edginton. “The newly remodeled building allows for a safe and enjoyable work environment and is attracting skilled workers from the area and growth for both companies.”

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