DELCO Careers: Lincoln Center Hiring School-Based Counselors

A student speaks with a School-Based Counselor
Image via The Lincoln Center for Family and Youth.

Public school students often face mental health challenges as they cope with anxiety, depression, substance abuse issues and other past or current traumas.

The Lincoln Center for Family and Youth has stepped in to help by placing mental health professionals in public school districts. 

Student in-school services are provided by mental health counselors, behavior specialists, crisis intervention counselors and school psychologists.

The Lincoln Center is hiring School-Based Counselors for Philadelphia and Montgomery counties to be part of that team of professionals.

School-Based Counselors are an integral part of the Lincoln Center’s approach.   They provide:

  • Early intervention therapy and counseling services in a designated school district.
  • Case management and mental health support services at the school and in the homes of at-risk students.
  • Consultation services to school personnel, liaison support to community agencies, and training programs for school and community populations.

School-Based Counselors are able to bring the care and human connection students need so they don’t have to go outside their school for help.

Counseling sessions can be held individually or in groups.

The counselors would have a diverse range of duties and would need to adapt their responsibilities to meet the needs of the students.

The ultimate aim is to provide a supportive environment for students to improve their socioemotional well-being.

The counselors would be helping students cope with family conflict, loss, stress, relationship issues and bullying.

School-Based Counselors will identify those students in need of trauma support, offering  prevention, screening, referral and treatment services as needed.

The counselors also provide staff with essential information regarding the student’s cultural, societal, economic, familial and health background that could affect the student’s performance and behavior.

Click here to see the job posting for a School-Based Counselor in Montgomery County.

Click here to see the job posting for a School-Based Counselor in Philadelphia.Learn more about the mental health professionals who work at TLC by clicking here. 

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