Delco Steaks Fundraiser/Contest Raises $6K for Injured Marple Newtown Child

A July 11 Delco Steaks fundraiser included T-shirt sales, a burger eating contest and donation of part of the proceeds.
Image via submitted photo.
Participating in the July 11 fundraiser were (from left) professional eaters Molly Schuyler and Dan Kennedy, “Pappy the Bull,” the Delco steaks mascot and burger eating challengers Scott Morris and Mike Cook.

The son of Marple Newtown High School Principal John Beltrante received a $6,000 boost on his road to recovery from a special Delco Steaks fundraiser July 11, writes Peg DeGrassa for the Daily Times.

The Broomall business at 2567 West Chester Pike had a special food challenge event and donated 40 percent of its food sales that day to benefit Austin Belrante.

The child was electrocuted in May and has been in recovery from his serious injuries at St. Christopher’s Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia.

The fundraiser event included live music from The Delco Boys and a fundraising sale of “Austin’s Army” T-shirts.

Scott Morris and Mike Cook, both Delco locals, challenged professional eaters Dan Kennedy and Molly Schuyler, former Wing Bowl champ, to a burger eating competition.

In 10 minutes, the contestants combined ate 22 Delco Burgers (burgers topped with ribeye steak).

Morris and Cook came in 10 burgers short, not enough to win a year’s worth of Delco Steaks.

Grand total raised between Delco Steaks and its customers was $6,130.40.

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