In Delaware County, Weaving Our Way Back to ‘Normal’

David Bjorkgren
A scene of almost normal with masks and no masks outside the Corner Restaurant in Media.
Image via Pete Bannan, MediaNews Group.
A now familiar scene of masks and no masks outside the Corner Restaurant in Media.

COVID cases are lower. More people are vaccinated. Is this almost what normal looks like?

Maybe, writes Pete Bannan for the Daily Times.

With restrictions easing, crowds, albeit smaller crowds, are turning out for high school sporting events.

But beware, we’re not there yet.

Only about half of county residents have gotten the full COVID-19 vaccine. Official numbers show 54 percent for those 18 and above. It’s 46 percent for 12 and under.

“I think we’re slowly getting back to what’s a more normal,” said county Council Vice Chairman Dr. Monica Taylor. “The virus is still there, our numbers (COVD positive) are low-they’re great right now.

That’s a testament to vaccines, people being cautious, the fact it’s summer and people are outside.

There are even more county residents getting vaccines than what is reported. They’re getting them in Philadelphia, which is not reported in state statistics, Taylor said.

Still, many continue to wear masks even if vaccinated.

 “We’re having a total identity crisis here, I don’t know whether to put it on or not,” said Eric Magro of Upper Providence, who’s been vaccinated.  “If I see a sign saying face covers are required I’ll put them on…”

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