Amanda DeCarolis Named Valedictorian at Neumann University

David Bjorkgren
Amanda DeCarolis
Image via VISTA.Today.

Amanda DeCarolis, a Business Administration major, has been named valedictorian of the Neumann University class of 2021.

She has a summa cum laude GPA, earned in 3-1/2 years. 

Amanda DeCarolis received the Excellence in Business Administration Award, an Honors Program certificate and three national honor society memberships.

She also minored in HR and Strategic Communications.

She led a three-student team to a top-50 finish in the Business Strategy Game, an international business management contest that involved 2,968 teams from 164 colleges.

Arriving to the Neumann campus in 2017, she has dived into a host of activities and volunteer opportunities.

She most enjoyed Neumann Media, serving as an anchor and field reporter for the weekly Neumann Update broadcast. She also played clarinet in the University Jazz Band, with practice being the highlight of her week.

 “Neumann Media was a good pairing with my major,” she explains. “I was shy when I first arrived on campus and being on camera pushed me out of my comfort zone. It helped me develop the presentation skills that I’ll need for business, too.”

DeCarolis was also a Neumann Navigator (leading campus tours).

She was a Presidential Ambassador, and retreat leader for Campus Ministry.

DeCarolis also volunteered for the university phon-a-thon and at the St. Francis Inn, a soup kitchen in the Kensington section of Philadelphia.

She researched and created two presentations for Neumann’s LEAD Honors Conference and for the annual Southeastern Pennsylvania Consortium for Higher Education Honors Conference.

DeCarolis graduated in December.

Called to help individuals reach their full potential, she is looking for a job in human resources and talent management.

She calls attending Neumann University “the easiest choice I ever made,” explaining that she was drawn to the university’s traditions and atmosphere after taking a virtual


After visiting in person on her 18th birthday, she was convinced that Neumann would be the perfect fit.

 “I was more excited to come here than I was to turn 18,” she confesses. “I Neumannized my car with clings and stickers, and I didn’t apply anywhere else.”

Neumann hasn’t disappointed her.

 “Everyone here treats you like a person and knows your name. You’re not a number.”