Wawa: King of Convenience Stores in Delaware County, but Lonelier in the Middle of PA

David Bjorkgren
Convenience stores battle it out. Two men hold a Wawa is Better than Sheetz sign

Sure, Wawa is the giant of all convenience stores.


But out in the middle of Pennsylvania, it’s got some competitors. In fact, the central Pennsylvania convenience stores market is one of the most competitive in the nation.

So how do the different retailer menus compare? asks Sue Gleiter for pennlive.com.

Here’s a breakdown:


Wawa, Inc. is known for made-to-order hoagies, coffee, Sizzli breakfast sandwiches and new burgers and fries.

 It also makes and sells its own brand of ice cream.


The store is known for Slurpees with a mixed menu of hot dogs, taquitos, stuffed waffles and chicken sandwiches.

Royal Farms

This franchise is known for its “world famous” fried chicken, chicken and waffles and bacon egg croissant sandwiches.


Rutter’s has its Route 30 burgers made between grilled cheese sandwiches, Philly cheesesteaks, fried shrimp baskets, whoopee pies, and spiked slushies.


Wawa’s best-known competitor has made-to-order subs in hundreds of combinations with signature Boom Boom sauce. It also sells app samplers, pizza, coffee, and cookies.

Turkey Hill Minit Markets

The recognized Turkey Hill brand is known for its iced tea, Slushys, ice cream novelties, sandwiches such as tuna and chicken salad, and hot dogs.

For more convenience store comparisons, check out pennlive.com.

Here’s a video from the Reading Eagle comparing some of the staples from Wawa vs. Sheetz.