Tech Tips with Margaret: Is Your Job in Jeopardy from Artificial Intelligence?

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Advancing technology has enhanced many areas of our lives. But there is no denying new tech has also changed some workplaces to the point of eliminating roles formerly performed by people. Now with artificial intelligence improving every year, it has some fearing it could lead to widespread replacement of workers in favor of machines.

Nikolas Kairinos of the HRDirector recently discussed this, confirming that AI is an inevitable part of our future. However, he also believes that the human touch cannot be so easily discarded and replaced.

Kairinos argues that while AI will almost certainly be an improvement over people at calculating data, that machines can’t measure up when it comes to decision making. Further, analysts say that we would not want machines to become that omnipresent because it would leave us unsatisfied in our need for human interaction.

One core reason for this is that machines cannot adapt to the needs of the individual. For employees attempting to gain training in a new skill, getting funneled into an AI learning system can be frustrating. After all, we all know the experience of trying to make a call and having to deal with the tedium of an automated operator directing our call.

However, Kairinos does not believe this is the future of how AI will be integrated. Rather, AI will be a tool that will now be more versatile than what we have known in the past. Instead of replacing people, AI will enhance our ability to communicate more effectively by providing us with more options to do so.

Change can be scary, but analysts say the implementation of AI is not a cause for alarm that jobs will be disappearing. The expectation is that AI will soon be another innovation that we’ll wonder how we ever lived without.

If you are interested in learning more about how AI and automation will benefit most professionals, make sure to check out the article from the HRDirector here.


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