Delaware Countians Lent Their Voices to Help Kate Winslet and Others in ‘Mare of Easttown’ Learn Delco-ese

Susanne Sulby, dialect coach for 'Mare of Easttown'
Image via submitted photo.
'Mare of Easttown' dialogue coach Susanne Sulby.

By now it’s understood that Kate Winslet had difficulty learning the Delco dialect for her new role on HBO’s “Mare of Easttown.”

What’s not as well known is that some locals were asked to contribute their Delco-ese to “Mare of Easttown” dialogue coach Susanne Sulby to help Winslet and the cast learn “how to speak Delco”, writes Peg DeGrassa for the Daily Times.

DeGrassa herself was one of the contributors.

She and other Delco natives recorded their voices for Sulby to share with the cast.

 DeGrassa said she was asked in 2019 to meet with Sulby to record her “authentic Delco-accented voice” for teaching purposes.

“I wasn’t sure if I should be insulted or proud,” DeGrassa writes.

But she was intrigued.

“I started running through typical words in my head, doing a self-examination. Yes, I say ‘cuppa cawfe’ for cup of coffee, ‘q-pons’ for coupons, ‘far-ist,; ‘neck-store neighbor’ for next door neighbor.”

The list goes on. She definitely qualified.

Winslet admitted in an interview that the  Delco accent was one of the hardest she’s had to learn.

Read more at the Daily Times about helping the Mare of Easttown cast with their Delco accents.

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