SEPTA Overhaul Promises Faster, More Convenient Commute for Customers


Regional Rail trains every 15 minutes. A bus network redesign. Special passes for low-income users.

These are some of the ideas being pursued in an ambitious Philadelphia Transit Plan unveiled Tuesday by City and SEPTA officials, reports  Brian X. McCrone for

The hope to expand mass transit so residents can leave their car behind on most commutes.

The plan is a mix of things that must be done now and others that SEPTA will aspire to do in the years ahead.

said the new plan should be viewed “as a menu” that includes things that must be done and things that are aspirational in the years to come.

“We’re planning for decades to come,” Deputy Managing Director for Infrastructure and Transportation Michael Carroll said. “In some ways we’re playing catchup with other cities which already have transit plans.”

To view a summary of the Philadelphia Transit Plan as well as the entire report, CLICK HERE.

SEPTA General Manager Leslie Richards said the bus network redesign will provide easy transfers between buses and faster rides.

Expanding the Norristown High Speed Line into King of Prussia is still a top priority, but years away, Richard said.

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