New $900 Million Pandemic Recovery Aid Bill Approved by Pennsylvania Senate

Image via PA Capitol.

Last week, the Pennsylvania Senate unanimously approved legislation to distribute more than $900 million in pandemic recovery aid to schools and hospitality-related businesses, along with individuals who are struggling to pay rent or utility bills, according to a report from The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The bill now has to receive approval from both the state House of Representatives and Gov. Tom Wolf.

The $912 million that is being direct by the bill mostly comes from federal aid approved in December by Congress as part of the coronavirus recovery package.

Around $145 million of the amount is from reserve cash from a worker’s compensation fund.

Last month, Wolf asked lawmakers to send those funds to businesses hit hard by the pandemic. The money will be made available to bars, restaurants, and hotels through counties in grants of a maximum $50,000.

Approximately $570 million of the funds would be divided up to counties based on their population to assist people who are having trouble paying their rent or utilities.

The remaining $197 million will be distributed to educational institutions that did not receive a cut of the $2.2 billion in federal coronavirus aid that was made available to public and charter schools.

Read more about the bill in The Philadelphia Inquirer by clicking here.

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