It Was a Nice Day for a Swim, If You Were a Penguin, or These Guys

David Bjorkgren

A raging snowstorm Monday and bitter cold weren’t enough to keep a group of swimmers in training from using an outdoor pool in Broomall, reports Dann Cuellar for

The French Creek Racing and Swim Team and the Schuylkill Triathlon Club figured it was a good time, since no one would be using the pool.

Except them. 

“Because of COVID, all the pools in the area are closed. So we have to figure out a way because a lot of us are either open water swimmers, long-distance swimmers,” said Michelle McCandless of Havertown.

“Our swimmers have been here all winter and they’ve been tough and braving the weather. The water is nice and warm even when the air is cold,” said Coach John Kenney.

The pool is heated to 80 degrees.

“When you get to do backstrokes and catch snowflakes with your tongue at the same time, when else can you do it?” McCandless said.

“We’ve been out here since 4 p.m. or 4:30 p.m. Just can’t stop the fun. We take advantage when we can. We don’t know when we’re gonna get this again,” said Dana Buchanan of Swedesboro, New Jersey.

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